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Building's Electronic ID

18 Jun 2022

Engineering, by Broosco Team

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Building's Electronic ID. What it is, who it may concerns, what are the submission deadlines. Read about the procedures you need to follow, who are directly involved and what are the required documents.


What is the Building's Electronic ID

On the 1st of April 2022, the  Building's Electronic Identity came into force. It practically consists of a file uploaded on a digital platform including all the property's documents, such as permits, plans, deeds, cadastral information, utilities' information  so that the status of the property is saved in an official registry, providing the possibility of updating it depending on the property's future changes.

Legal framework

The legal provisions  governing the Building's Electronic Identity are determined by Law 4495/2017. The relevant legislation was first drafted in 2010 and  had been suspended five times until its recent put in force. The Buildings Electronic Registry, which is supervised by the Structured Environment Observatory, will be connected to the database of the Hellenic Cadastre and the Public Electricity Company.

Submission deadline

Apart from the public buildings, the hospitals the gas stations and the rest of the Buildings of Special Purposes, all the other buildings, independent properties or  horizontal or vertical properties should submit a Building's Electronic Identity  upon their first transfer. As long as this is completed, in the future, all property transfers will require the Certificate of Completeness issued by the owner's engineer, which will confirm that there are no illegal changes in the property, or that the Building's Electronic Identity  has been updated, if, in the meantime, the property's characteristics have changed following specific legally executed works. Consequently, any Legality Certificates issued till the 1st of April 2022 are no longer valid, since the Building's Electronic Identity will replace the Legality Certificate provided so far by the engineer for the needs of a property transfer.

However, it's advisable, if you wish to achieve a quick sale, to have the Building's Electronic Identity issued as soon as possible, even before you start the process of promoting your property.

Who files the Building's Electronic Identity

The work of uploading the property's information on the Digital Platform is exclusively assigned to an authorized Engineer's work. So if you are a property owner, we suggest that you contact your Engineer and authorize him to start the process. The engineers' fee is not determined by law, it depends on the property characteristics, the readiness of the documents required and is therefore agreed between the owner and the Engineer.

 Required Documents-Certificates

The documents/certificates required for the submission of the data in the platform for the Building's Electronic Identity  are the following:

  • Building permit
  • Building permit plans
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Construction inspection certificate, if issued
  • Floor plans that reflect the final construction status of the property
  • Declarations  pertaining to laws that suspend the imposition of sanctions for arbitrary buildings.
  • Table of percentages in case of horizontal or vertical properties 
  • Property deed
  • Hellenic Cadastre sheet


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