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Property transfer tax for buyers

21 Feb 2015, Tax, by broosco tax team (updated 26 Jun 2018)

  Property purchases in Greece are subject to taxation. Τhe purchase tax is paid by the buyer necessarily prior to signing the contract, when the transfer declaration is submitted by the parties to the local tax office, which makes an estimation of the property regardless of the declared price by the...

Renting a house through Airbnb becomes lawful – Conditions

12 Mar 2017, Tax, by Diomidis Batakis, Accountant

  The law 4446/2016 defines for the first time the terms and conditions for the short-term property leasing through digital platforms (Airbnb or others) and is effective from 1st of February 2017. Conditions The leaser or sub-leaser must be a person, registered to the “Registry of short-term Property...

Property Transfer Tax in south and north Europe

02 May 2015, Tax, by broosco tax team

  Till December 2013 the property transfer tax in Greece raised to 9-11% on the declared sale price. Since January 1st 2014, when the Law 4223/2013 was implemented, Greece has adopted one of the lowest property transfer tax rates in Europe. (3%) As far as the annual property tax is concerned, each property...