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Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC)

08 Oct 2016

Engineering, by broosco engineering team

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When is the EEC required ? 

The EEC is required In every property sale and rental agreement. (the exception for the properties below the 50 s.m. was abolished on the 01/01/2016). It's not necessary for buildings used as factories, agricultural establishments, gas stations, workshops, warehouses. In case the rental agreement of a property over 50 s.m. was signed before the 09/01/2012 and it is now renewed, no EEC is required. In case the rental agreement of a property over 50 s.m, was signed before the 01/01/2016 no EEC is required.

For how long is the EEC valid ? 

It's valid for 10 years ,except from the case of radical restoration of the building that the validity of the EEC expires when the renovation works are completed and a new one must be issued.​

Which are the documents required to have an EEC issued ?​ 

For properties built before 1983 (14/03/1983) just the copies of the architectural plans are necessary and for those built after 1983 (14/03/1983) the building permit should also be provided along with the aforementioned plans. In case the property is registered at the National Cadastre, a cadastral diagram extract is demanded.

How much does it cost ?

The engineer's fee for the EEC depends on the parties' agreement, as pursuant the L.3919/2011(article 7 par.1) and the Circular 2297 (4/9/2012) the  minimum fees are abolished and they are eversince freely defined. The previous legislation (P.D.100/2010) defined the minimum engineer's fee as follows:

​Flat : 2 €/​s.m.  (​min​150 €)

​Building ( ​e.g. ​condo): 1 €/​s.m.​(​min200 €)

​Detached house : 1.5 €/ ​s.m​. (​min 200 €)

​Shop (​up to 1000 τ.μ): 2.5 €/​s.m.(​min 300 €)

Important notice: the new legislation on environmental control and protection which is about to be voted in October 2016​ aspires to impose the EEC to ALL property transfers (donations, inheritances etc.)



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