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Changes in Forestry Legislation

22 Mar 2020

Legal, by Broosco Team

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Are you selling your property in Crete? Have you filed a forest complaint in Chania Forest Service?

Check on the changes in forestry legislation!

On March 11, 2020, a new government bill was submitted for public consultation, including inter alia, an amendment to Law 4122/2013, aiming to solve some of the problems related to the forest maps.It is an undeniable fact that there has been a significant delay of the Forest Committees to deal with the citizens' objections against the content of the posted forest maps. According to the FMPP (forestry maps posting points) the delay is mainly due to the staff shortage of the forest public services, which were unable to respond to the enormous number of objections submitted, the requests for correction of obvious errors, the participation in the forest committees, which were all added to their existing duties.

The same situation was observed in the Forest Map Posting Point of Chania, Crete, where, indicatively, objections raised in July 2018 haven't been brought before the Forest Committees yet, despite many applications submitted by the property owners requesting their cases to be heard earlier than scheduled mainly because of imminent property sales, which are constantly postponed with the risk of cancellation, penalties, serious damages incurred etc.

Similar problems are noticed in many regions of Greece where the work of the forest committees is practically blocked, as a result, approximately 170,000 objections are now pending. To help the committees deal with this heavy duty, the promoted bill aims to link the remuneration of the members of the committees with the work produced, to change their composition, to increase the number (4) of the obligatory hearings per month with a minimum of 50 cases per hearing, to create a committee registry member that will include 30 alternate members of each category, so that the hearings can take place even when the regular members can't be present.

One of the most crucial legislative changes proposed through this bill is the opportunity provided to the property owners who have submitted their objections before the committees and which are approved, to proceed to the property transfer before the relevant forest map is ratified. So, in case you wish to sell your property in Chania Crete,  you could simply provide the notary a copy of your objection and the committee's decision in order to prove its approval and finalise the property sale. Hence, many property transfers in Chania, Crete, blocked in view of the forest map ratification, will now be completed which will help the property market move forward and will provide a sigh of relief to buyers and sellers.

The information provided by Chania Forest Map Posting Point is that the process of handling the objections raised is currently suspended in view of the public consultation, which is due to end on March 18, therefore no committee hearings are scheduled till the implementation of the new measures. However, it is estimated that it's a temporary delay, in the meantime the reports are being prepared by the foresters, so as soon as the bill is passed, the process of reviewing the objections will proceed rapidly.

Broosco team will keep you posted!

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