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Holiday home rentals - EOT licence

26 Mar 2015

Market, by Broosco legal team

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Pursuant to the Law 4254/2014 the houses of a surface of at least 80 sqm, with an independent external access, which are self-efficient and independent residences on independent plots (therefore not belonging in the category of the basic hotel tourist accommodation) are considered as Tourist Furnished Villas without services provided.

​According to the same Law a property rented temporarily, for less than thirty (30) days, shall be considered as a tourist accommodation. Till this amendment was implemented​ the ​minimum duration permitted​ of a short-term house rental was three months.

The law change practically means that a temporary house rental of over a month​ is not considered a rental of a tourist accommodation but a normal rental according to Greek Law. ​In other words ​the new leg​al frame​work ​of holiday property rentals ​​provides ​two types of ​rental:

 ​A. Renting any residence also as a tourist accommodation

​ Any house or apartment in Greece ​ can be rented​  for at least one (1) month to any third party, Greek or foreign ​ citizen, for temporary residence or for holiday. In this case, the ​property owner ​doesn't have to apply and obtain the special EOT ​ licence ​which is normally required ​when​  a business ​of renting tourist accommodation ​is run,  nor register the business to the local tax authorities ​ as a professional dealing with tourism. He has however the obligation to register the rental agreement to the electronic system of the Ministry of Finance, therefore declare the rental income to his annual tax declaration.

 B. Renting a tourist furnished villa

​This is the new category ​ of tourist accommodation ​ as described above (houses of a surface of at least 80 sqm with an independent external access, which are self-efficient and independent buildings on independent plots ​ and do not provide services to the tenants)​. ​If you own such a property you have the right, apart from ​renting it  for ​a period of ​over  one month, ​ as per case A, ​to rent it also as a tourist  accommodation ​on a weekly basis ​ as long as you have applied and obtained ​the EOT ​ license. Each rental should necessarily refer to the whole property and not to a part of it, with ​​no right ​ of sublease and should cover a period of at least one week ​but no​t​ more than three (3) months per year​. You don't have to register this activity to the tax office either or be enrolled to any Greek Insurance Fund but you should definitely get the EOT license in order to operate legally.

So, let's summarize:


Type of rent

Legal duration

Rental of basic residence​

​At least 3 years​

​Rental of secondary residence as a holiday home/tourist accommodation without EOT licence.

​At least 1 month

​Rental of furnished tourist villa with EOT licence 


​(maximum 3 months per year)

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