The required documents

To complete the transfer of a property, the seller is to provide to the notary, firstly the documents certifying his property rights, and secondly the documents proving the absence of any debts to various authorities, which are defined accordingly (depending on the type of the property, its location, etc.). Listed below are all required documents, related to all types of properties.

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  • Documents for homes (18)
  • Documents for plots (15)

The deed

The document proving the seller's property rights. Normally the seller keeps an official copy of his deed. Exceptionally, the deed may be not a notarial act, but a court decision, an act before the secretary of the district court, an act of implementation of the city plan, an act of expropriation etc. Furthermore, in certain cases the property rights are transferred orally therefore no written title of ownership exists.


Τhe deed registration certificate

Τhe certificate granted by the competent land registry office to the property owner the after the registration of his deed. In case of loss, no worries, it can be reissued at the owner's request.

A copy of the cadastral sheet

It applies to properties situated in regions under cadastral survey. A cadastral sheet is issued for each property, where the Hellenic Cadastre Code Number (KAEK) of the property, the owners and the acts registered are listed and reflects the property's legal status.It is issued at any interesting party's request by the electronic archive of the Hellenic Cadastre at the local cadastral office of the location of the property.

Cadastral Diagram Extract

It reflects in an uncontested way the borderlines and the surface of every property located in regions under cadastral survey, based on the specific coordinates of the National Geodetic Reference System (EGSA 87).

Topographical plan

Recent topographical plan including the engineer’s declarations according to the laws 651/1977 and 1337/1983, based on the state coordinates system E.G.S.A.'87.

Building permit

A certified copy from the archive kept at the competent urban authority office of the issued building permit referring to the selling property.

Building permit drawings

Certified copies of the topographical plan, the site plan , the sections, and the floor plans submitted along with the building permit file, which are kept in the archive of the competent planning authority office.

TAP Certificate

This is a certificate provided by the municipality where the property is situated. It verifies that no municipal taxes -paid through the electricity bill- are due. Generally the municipality asks for a copy of the property deed, the E9 tax document and the last electricity bill and makes sure that the s.m. of the property as shown in the deed match the ones declared in the electricity bill.

City plan registration certificate

Ιf the property is located in an area included in a city plan in accordance to the L.1337/1983 and the implementing act was ratified after the 24-11-1994 or hasn't been ratified yet, the property owner after acquiring the property, must submit a declaration to the technical department of the municipality, along with all the justification documents proving his ownership on the specific property. Consequently, in case he wishes to sell this property, he has to apply for a certificate at the aforementioned department proving the submission of this declaration.

City plan fees statement

Ιf the selling property has been included in the city plan according to the law 1337/1983 and the implementation act has been ratified, regardless of the implementation time, the property owner has to provide a certificate that his property has no debts to the municipality deriving of its inclusion to the city plan.

Property tax certificate

Α certificate granted to the property owner by the competent tax authority proving that his property has been included in the declaration of his real estate property for the last five years and that no property tax is due for this property for the same years. In order to issue the certificate and properly use it at the contract of sale, it is necessary that all information of the property is identical with the one declared in the relevant tax declarations, otherwise prior to property transfer a correction is required. If urban legalization procedure has taken place, the added legalized s.m. of the property should be also included in the corresponding property tax certificate for the years following the legalization.

Inheritance/Donation/Parental donation tax certificate

Certificate granted to the property owner by the tax authority of the testator, the donor or the parent that there is no inheritance, donation or parental donation tax due. It is required when the deed of the seller is an inheritance, a donation or a parental donation accordingly.

Certificate of tax clearance

Certificate granted to the property owner by the competent tax authority proving he has no debts to any public authority or organisation. Basically issued through the website of the Ministry of Finance with the help of the owner's accountant. In case of debts due, which block the provision of the certificate, the owner should contact the tax office and apply for a tax clearance certificate is issued on condition that the amount of the debt is withheld by the notary out of the sale price after the contract of sale (it's understood that the amount withheld should be lower than the sale price).

Energy performance certificate

A document recognized by the Ministry of Environment which is issued by the energy auditor and reflects the energy efficiency of the building, classified in energy class (A+ to H), while the auditor lists his suggestions for improving the energy efficiency of the building. It is required for all buildings over a total surface of 50 s.m.

Building's Electronic ID

On the 1st of April 2022, the  Building's Electronic Identity came into force. It practically consists of a file uploaded on a digital platform including all the property's documents, such as permits, plans, deeds, cadastral information, utilities' information  so that the status of the property is saved in an official registry, providing the possibility of updating it depending on the property's future changes. The Buildings Electronic Registry, which is supervised by the Structured Environment Observatory, will be connected to the database of the Hellenic Cadastre and the Public Electricity Company. The work of uploading the property's information on the Digital Platform is exclusively assigned to an authorized Engineer's work.

Building allowance certificate

In case of a non-built land, it is possible to apply to the competent building authority of the location of the property in order to get a safe certification with the building terms applied, and the plot classification as building land.

Certificate of insurance clearance

Ιt is required if the seller is a natural person, a legal entity of any kind, or a member of a company, a manager in a Ltd., or an executive director in a SA, liable to pay insurance contributions to public insurance organisation (EFKA), or if a building permit has been issued in the seller's name (not necessarily referring to the selling property) within the last decade before the sale contract.

Agricultural water statement

If the property is located within an irrigation network a certificate is required confirming no irrigation fees are due. It applies only to properties situated outside settlement limits (agricultural plot) built or not.