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Photos of Your Home Matter in Real Estate

11 Oct 2018

Market, by broosco team

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That saying "one picture is worth a thousand words" definitely applies also in real estate. Today, in the days of internet, the first impression buyers most often get of a home is from the photos on the websites that a property is promoted. With limited time and countless listings to review, buyers will quickly move on if photos don’t reflect well on a property.

Homes with only one photo are passed by, while homes with many photographs get noticed. However, you don’t need just many photos but also quality photos with plenty of light showcasing your home's best features. That’s why sellers should work closely with real estate agents on the visual attractiveness of the property and its surroundings (curb appeal) before going on the market.

Here are some tips that you should take into consideration…


  1. Photos should be nice but realistic

Photos should be nice but also realistic, so try to avoid too much “Photoshop” or any other filters that make a photo look exceedingly better. Last thing you need is a buyer that felt depressed because your home in the photos seemed nicer than in reality…


  1. Don't shoot just your home’s strengths

If you believe your kitchen is the strong part of your home, have one or two extra photos for this area. But bear in mind that you need to have a representative photo gallery, so try to capture all the rooms. Buyers will appreciate this...


  1. 20-25 photos are enough

Lack of photos has clearly bad impact; on the other hand too many photos could “talk” somebody out of the home quicker than piquing their interest. It’s all about teasing the buyer with just enough quality images to get them to pick up the phone and schedule a private showing. Another thing that you should take under consideration is that the most popular real estate websites allow a specific number of photos per promoted property. This number ranges from 15 to 25 photos, depending on the website. So focus on 20-25 photos and keep the rest for buyers that will ask for more. Regarding plots 10-12 photos are more than enough.


  1. Shoot List

Try to keep a balance between internal and external photos. Like many aspects in real estate, nothing is set in stone. Each property has its own strong points that you should try to highlight. The size and the type of property are also significant factors. For a detached house with swimming pool and views here is a suggested shot list:

Interior                                                    Exterior

Living Space : 4                                        Front Exterior : 3-4

Kitchen Area : 4                                        Back Exterior : 2

Master Bedroom : 2                                   Views:1-2

Master Bathroom: 2                                   Swimming pool area : 2-3   

Other Bedrooms : 2-3

Guest Bathroom: 1


  1. Replace old photos

Did you paint whole or part of your home and you still promote it with old photos? Bad, bad, bad. You just ignored rule number 1. 


  1. Same photos on all the websites

Usually every agent that promotes your home shoots his own photos. As a result, your property is promoted in dozens of websites with different images, some of them are good, some not. Do you think this is good for the promotion? NO. You have two options, either hire a professional photographer and provide the agencies with the photos or  if you want to avoid the cost alternatively work close with an agent and provide all other agencies with his photo gallery. If you choose option two make sure he agrees to share his photos with other agents.

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