Advanced Real Estate Services


The Review process

Below you can get a general picture of the way broosco associates conduct the Review.


Property Review Process 1


At this stage, a preliminary examination of the property is carried out based on features related to its type (house, land, etc.) and location. This procedure seeks to record the legal framework applied in each specific property based on the aforementioned criteria, so as to facilitate the selection of the appropriate review procedures to be performed at a later stage.


Property Review Process 2

Opening Meeting

This phase involves collecting and examining the documents required, usually a time consuming process, mainly because many of the documents required may not be at the owner's possession but should be collected by the competent authorities (urban planning, tax authorities, municipality, archaeological service, forestry etc.).


Property Review Process 3


The documents are examined according to two assertions, "completeness" and "accuracy". Completeness refers to whether the document contains all the information required by law while accuracy refers to the question if the information contained in the document is accurate-fair. The review program gathers the reviewer’s answers, evaluates the documents and forms a report with the review findings.


Property Review Process 4

Draft Report

The review report includes in detail all the findings of the procedures applied. Subsequently the reviewer elaborates these findings in order on one hand to highlight the most important and on the other hand to suggest solutions for their effective treatment. It's obvious that knowledge, experience and professional conscientiousness are crucial parameters in this phase.


Property Review Process 5

Closing Meeting

The review findings are presented to the principal. The principal is informed about the results of the review and acquires a complete picture of the property and the actions to be carried out in order to facilitate its transfer. Among others, issues such as the estimation of the cost and the time of the recovery process are preponderant in the information provided by broosco team to the principal.


Property Review Process 6

 Report Distribution

The report is then distributed along with the all the required documents according to greek legislation. The property is now promoted on as "Reviewed" accompanied by the appropriate certification.