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Property Review Concept

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Most professionals involved in the real estate industry agree that the process of property transfer in Greece is complicated and takes considerable time. The inflexible structure of administrative authorities, which expands bureaucracy, is clearly the main cause of the problem. In addition legislative complexity is often equally responsible for leading the transactions to a dead end. Dealing with this complexity and managing efficiently the property transfer procedure is the scope of Broosco.

We developed a route cause analysis in order to identify and eliminate the problems encountered in the various stages of the property transfer process. We adopted methodologies for particular tasks and prescribed procedures to be followed routinely. These standards are prescriptive and set out absolute requirements that have to be met if someone wishes to comply with Broosco. A representative sample of this approach is the Broosco property review.

Property review is the process of performing substantive procedures in order to form an opinion whether a specific property is possible to be transferred from its owner to the prospective buyer. These procedures relate mainly to legal, urban planning and tax issues. That's why the property review is strictly performed by certified professionals. In addition, the review process is supported by software in which Broosco real estate standards are embedded. The findings of the review are listed in a report along with the steps needed to follow in order to solve the problems that hinder the process of property transfer.


Review Rate

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As aforementioned, the scope of the review is to form an opinion on whether the documents needed for the transaction are available and correct. After this process a rate is allocated to the property, which represents its ability to be transferred.

The supporting documents that are examined during the review process are not equally significant, yet they are all required for the transaction. Consequently they shouldn’t effect the property rate equally. For instance if the «agricultural water statement» is missing it is less important than the «deed» missing. Under this context, we classified all documents required in two groups depending on their significance, so that each group has a separate rate (report).

Review rate can be used as a decision support tool in order to lead the buyer to a comprehensive property selection. It must be clearly mentioned that property rate points out the property’s readiness for transfer related to the documents required. Therefore a low rate simply indicates that more steps and more time are needed till completion.


Property Review Request

Property Review Request

In case you are interested in a property that is not already reviewed you could make a request. We will receive your request and contact you as soon as possible to provide further details. This service comes with an extra cost of 500 € (vat included) and the review report will be at your disposal within approximately 30 days.