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Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC)

08 Oct 2016, Engineering, by broosco engineering team

  When is the EEC required ?  The EEC is required In every property sale and rental agreement. (the exception for the properties below the 50 s.m. was abolished on the 01/01/2016). It's not necessary for buildings used as factories, agricultural establishments, gas stations, workshops, warehouses. I... read more

The Electronic Building Identity (EBI)

02 Oct 2016, Engineering, by Vasilis Kontezakis, Civil Engineer

  The Electronic Building ​​Identity​ (EBI)​​ aspires to contribute to a historic change ​in property management ​to the benefit of ​the ​property owners. Although ​originally ​described in the L.3843/2010 ​as a new institution, due to the complexity​​ and the need for clarification of ​many law pro... read more

Tips for signing a construction agreement

02 Nov 2015, Engineering, by broosco engineering team

  Construction is considered to be a risky business, especially when it comes to a foreigner’s decision to construct a residence in Greece. Choosing a contractor’s offer demands a good survey of the market, a trustful engineer and a legal counselor to draft the agreement. You will often face up to p... read more

Energy Performance Certificate

12 Jan 2015, Engineering, by broosco engineering team

  Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. While new buildings generally need less than three to five litres of heating oil per square meter per year, older buildings consume about 25 litres on average. Some buildings even require up to 60 litres. ... read more

Engineer's Certificate, Ν.4178/13

22 Jul 2014, Engineering, by broosco engineering team

  The implementation of the Law 4178/2013, changed the status of transferring property rights significantly. With this legislative measure, the state transferred the responsibility and the cost of safeguarding the legality of a property from the competent services, firstly to the engineer and second... read more